Built in Effects

Zen Grid Framework 4 (ZGF4) based themes feature an array of built in effects to add a little dazzle to your Joomla website. Some of these effects add key functionality to your site's user interaction while others are just there for the fun of it.


CSS3 Animations

ZGF4 based themes integrate the animate.less library combined with the wowjs script to provide some fun fading, sliding and scrolling effects to entire rows of your content.Effects are easily assigned to specific rows in the template settings and allow you to determine how the content loads on the page when the content becomes visible. Used in conjunction with the one page mode this can help to create a lively experience for your visitors.


Lazy Load delays the loading of images on the page until your visitor scrolls to the point at which it is required. Using Lazy Load on long web pages will make the page load faster, given that assets are not loaded on the page if the user does not view that content. This can save seconds of your page load time on pages that have a significant number of images.

Back to top

When back to top is enabled a link is displayed in the bottom of the window when a user scrolls down the page. When the link is clicked the viewport is smoothly scrolled back to the top of the page.

Sticky Nav

When this option is enabled the top navigation bar will "stick" to the top of the browser window and remain there until the user scrolls back up past it's initial position.