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A colourful and flexible Joomla template built on a fast framework.

Corporation is a bright and beautiful Joomla 3+ template that is fast and lightweight out of the box. It features an awesome array of features that come standard with any of our Zen Grid Framework based themes.

Corporation Template

Super Speedy

Corporation achieves very high page speed and YSlow scores almost out of the box

We built our template framework around the idea that any modern website needs to load quickly, and so with a few tweaks to the template settings and your htaccess file it's possible to achieve page speed scores in the high 80's or 90's for your website.

Developer and Builder Friendly

Whether this is the first site you build or you live and breathe html, css and javascript.

Our framework is suitable for new users as well as seasoned professionals. There are enough tools in the template administrator to turn any Zen Grid Framework based theme into your own masterpiece or if you prefer to get your hands dirty by digging into the code the template can be easily overidden and customised.

Flexible Responsive tools

Built in control over breakpoints, menu options and more

Zen Grid Framework v4 based themes come with a wide range of tools to help you tweak the presentation of the design across various screen sizes. You can easily set the breakpoints for each screen size, choose from 5 different ways to handle the menu, and control the way different rows of modules behave across different devices.

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