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Questions about Acute Mountain Sicknesses?

  • Am I at risk of developing AMS?
  • What can I do to prevent AMS?
  • When to seek medical help?
  • My heart seems to beat faster, is this normal?
  • I am in very good physical shape – doesn't that mean that I’m less likely to feel the effects of the altitude?

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Hypoxia in Action

What happens to your body when acutely exposed to lower oxygen:

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The Importance of Oxygen

A continuous supply of oxygen is essential for proper physical and mental functioning. If this supply is compromised for any reason, a condition called hypoxia, or a lack of oxygen, results. Everyone who travels to high altitude experiences some degree of hypoxia before their body adapts to the lower oxygen levels, and they know the feeling well. Simple physical tasks become much more difficult and mental deficits begin to appear. But altitude isn't the only factor causing hypoxia: millions of people experience chronic hypoxia and these same symptoms every day at sea level due to common cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

Despite this significant impact on quality of life, large gaps still exist in our understanding of how the body is impacted by hypoxia. There is little to no research exploring how altitude affects vulnerable populations, such as aging populations with underlying cardiovascular, respiratory, and metabolic diseases. The pressing need to understand such basic problems becomes even clearer when the economic impact of hypoxia is considered. The Altitude Research Center exists to address these problems using the full array of modern medical research tools.

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